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About Electric Articles

For the Reader

Article ReaderWe supply current informative articles that have been submitted by authors/writers with a vast array of knowledge in fields ranging from business to health care to sports to pets, etc.  Since we supply such a varied library of articles, readers will be certain to find articles relevant to their needs and interests.  Each of these articles has been edited by a human editor for quality of content.

For the Author or Writer

Article WriterElectricArticles.com can provide you with a platform to expose your writing to the vast Internet audience.  Once your articles have been submitted and accepted, they will be seen by the general population of the Internet who search by keywords that you supply.  Each of your articles will contain your bio provided by you.  This information may contain a link to your website and email address.  To apply for an authors account click here.

For the Publisher or Webmaster

Article PublisherIf you maintain a website or publish a newsletter, ezine, journal, blog, etc. and require a regular supply of quality articles, you need look no further than ElectricArticles.com.  All or our articles are available to you copyright and royalty free.  We do require that you reprint the article in it's entirety along with all credits to the author.  The author's links and email must be "clickable" links and you must list ElectricArticles.com as the source.