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    Author Bio for Carl Strohmeyer

Professional aquarium maintenance experience since 1978 as the owner of one of the larger aquarium maintenance companies in LA, CA.

I have been in the hobby since 1969.



 Aquarium Repair - Category: Home and Family - Pets 3/11/2008
Summary: With a good silicone, you can perform a few repairs yourself. . . . more

 Octopus as pets in your aquarium - Category: Home and Family - Pets 12/20/2007
Summary: I have kept brown and even poisonous blue ring (I do not recommend Blue ring) octopii. In fact a brown octopus was one of my first saltwater creatures back in the mid 1970s. . . . more

 Aquarium Water Conditioners; how they work - Category: Home and Family - Pets 11/9/2007
Summary: AQUARIUM WATER CONDITIONERS; their ingredients (where available), what chemical functions they perform and uses based on my opinions of each based on using these products in a professional capacity. . . . more

 AQUARIUM FILTRATION (Filters), Canister, HOB and Cleaning; how they work - Category: Home and Family - Pets 10/29/2007
Summary: There are several different kinds of aquarium filters, each with advantages and disadvantages. Most work best when used in combination to compliment each other, this redundancy is also important for peace of mind in case one filter fails, another will keep your aquarium filtering. . . . more

 Aquarium Myths, truths and more, Part 1 - Category: Home and Family - Pets 10/25/2007
Summary: In this abbreviated article about aquarium keeping I will tackle a few myths/truths in aquarium keeping. . . . more

 Aquarium help, articles, answers and misinformation - Category: Home and Family - Pets 7/18/2007
Summary: There is lot of information available about so many subjects on the internet today and this information grows by the hour. When it comes to Aquarium Information this can be both a blessing and a curse. . . . more

 Pond pumps, circulation and filtration - Category: Home and Family - Gardening 7/17/2007
Summary: A general principle (not a rule) of about 50-200 gph per 100 gallons is a good place to start for pond circulation and filtration. . . . more

 Aquarium Medications basics - Category: Home and Family - Pets 7/17/2007
Summary: Not all human medications (or veterinary medications meant for cat or dog disease treatment) are practical in most aquarium or pond applications . . . more

 Aquarium Lighting; types of lighting - Category: Home and Family - Pets 7/14/2007
Summary: In this article I will discuss the types of Aquarium lights available. This is a growing list as newer bulbs at often lower costs that actually do more are coming out all the time. The new SHO power compact are a good example, these bulbs are amazing especially considering their low price and high output in a 6400 K bulb that is great for plants and fish alike . . . more

 Aquarium Canister Filters - Category: Home and Family - Pets 7/2/2007
Summary: Popular filters for larger aquariums in particular, Canister filters are known for their large capacity (most canister filters with the exception of Magnums are the ‘Kings’ of capacity), which sometimes can be their problem. . . . more

 Spirulina Algae in fish food. - Category: Home and Family - Pets 6/27/2007
Summary: Spirulina is a planktonic blue-green algae found in warm water alkaline volcanic lakes and is rich in raw protein and seven major vitamins . . . more

 Pond Algae Control - Category: Home and Family - Gardening 6/21/2007
Summary: I will discus two primary algae problems; green water (or free floating algae) and attached algae such as common hair algae (also known as blanket algae). . . . more

 Goldfish feeding - Category: Home and Family - Pets 6/14/2007
Summary: A quality goldfish and koi food starts with quality aquatic based ingredients. Fish derive most of their energy from fats, not carbohydrates (although cereal is needed as roughage). . . . more

 Is Yahoo Answers the place to go for Aquatic Advice. - Category: Home and Family - Pets 5/8/2007
Summary: YAHOO ANSWERS; is this a good place for Aquarium or other information? . . . more

 My Christian Poetry - Category: Arts - Writers Resources 5/7/2007
Summary: The ship of my dreams had golden oars, In my childhood happy hours . . . more

 Aquarium UV Sterilizer; Common misinformation about using UVC in aquariums. - Category: Home and Family - Pets 4/26/2007
Summary: I continue to follow the threads on forums, aquarium articles, and blogs about UV Sterilization. It still amazes me much misinformation spread about this, some masked in science. . . . more

 Blue-Green algae (Cyanobacteria) in Aquariums - Category: Home and Family - Pets 4/17/2007
Summary: What can be done about Blue- green algae blooms in aquariums? First, I have dealt with this many times in my Aquarium Maintenance business over the years, and the key is eradication is cutting off and understanding the root cause of this . . . more

 Proper Osmotic Function in Aquarium Fish - Category: Home and Family - Pets 4/11/2007
Summary: Freshwater fish absorb most of the water they need through their skin via osmosis (is the net movement of water through a selective permeable membrane from a region of low solute potential to a region of high solute potential), not through their gills. . . . more

 The importance of Calcium, electrolytes, a proper GH and KH in aquariums. - Category: Home and Family - Pets 4/3/2007
Summary: Many aquarists overlook the need for calcium, electrolytes, magnesium and the effect of a proper KH (Carbonate hardness) in their freshwater aquarium. . . . more

 Sponge filter; A good filter for a small betta tank or bowl - Category: Home and Family - Pets 3/28/2007
Summary: Sponge filters excel as small tank or bowl filters, they fit nicely in small spaces and are cheap to own and maintain. For a betta, there is no better filter in my opinion. . . . more

 Aquarium Plants; Substrate, Ferts, CO2, Lighting, and other Factors. - Category: Home and Family - Pets 3/27/2007
Summary: Please be careful as to anecdotal and faddish advice in the care of aquatic plants and this is an area of aquarium keeping (along with reef keeping) that has a lot of advice floating around that is based more on opinion than facts or true research. . . . more

 Aquarium Cleaning Methods - Category: Home and Family - Pets 3/26/2007
Summary: For cleaning your aquarium (freshwater or saltwater) a Gravel Vacuum attached to a siphon or re-circulating filter works best. . . . more

 Saltwater Aquarium Basics - Category: Home and Family - Pets 3/14/2007
Summary: These basics are intended for a marine fish aquarium (and basic Nano Reefs), not an advanced marine reef aquarium. . . . more

 Aquarium Redox Potential - Category: Home and Family - Pets 3/11/2007
Summary: This article is based on studies about the Redox Potential as it corresponds to humans and all fish and animals. I have found from practical experience and research that a lot more can be learned from medical studies than from many anecdotal aquarium articles, this is not to say that this research then has to be properly applied and a good aquatic article helps here. . . . more

 Veggies (Plant) Filters for the Pond - Category: Home and Family - Gardening 3/5/2007
Summary: Plant or “Veggie Filters” are very popular with many pond keepers. I have been using this method for pond filtration for a few decades (long before the term veggie filter became popular). There are two basic methods (that I am aware of), the more popular method nowadays is a separate pond filter. . . . more

 Marine Damsels and Live Rock - Category: Home and Family - Pets 3/3/2007
Summary: Do marine damsels only need mysis shrimp, frozen. I have read that a balanced diet of flakes, blood worms etc are better. This is question number one, what they really need to eat. . . . more

 Aquarium Power Filters (HOB Filters) - Category: Home and Family - Pets 3/2/2007
Summary: HOB filters (hang on the back- power filters) are quite popular for good reason. They are generally inexpensive and simple to operate. These filters are good for mechanical and chemical filtration, but are generally poor for bio filtration. This does vary widely with the model though. . . . more

 Freshwater Aquarium Basics - Category: Home and Family - Pets 3/1/2007
Summary: Start with as large an aquarium as you can afford (even for bettas). The very BASIC principle that is to have 1-2 inches of NARROW bodied fish per FILTERED aquarium gallon is a starting point, but not very accurate. This also only applies to a standard rectangular aquarium. . . . more

 Keeping a Disease free Aquarium - Category: Home and Family - Pets 2/28/2007
Summary: Aquarium Disease Prevention; This is probably one of the most important aspects (although a generalized statement) of keeping a healthy aquarium. I have kept up many aquariums (marine and freshwater) during my years of aquarium maintenance. It was more of a challenge than my personal aquariums as many of customers overfed or did not tell me fish were sick until it was too late. . . . more

 Aquarium Medications; Anti-Parasitic - Category: Home and Family - Pets 2/23/2007
Summary: This article deals with medications generally intended for the treatment of internal and external parasites. When you have fish that are sick (bacterial, fungal, protozoan, or other parasites), you want to try and isolate them in a hospital aquarium whenever possible. Regular water changes before each treatment allow for a more effective treatment, especially when treated in the display aquarium. . . . more

 Neon Tetra Disease in Aquariums - Category: Home and Family - Pets 2/22/2007
Summary: This term is often a catch all name for diseases of Neon Tetras specifically and many other fish as well. The usual cause is by a Sporozoan (parasitic spore-forming protozoan which reproduce sexually and asexually in alternate generations by means of spores); Pleistophora hyphessobryconis, although there are other causes including many fungi that will imitate this Sporozoan infection. . . . more